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Footpath from Culverhouse Drive to the Canal

At the end of Culverhouse Drive there is a well worn path that leads over the wooded hill and joins the other main tarmac path at the end of Silvester Way just before it reaches the canal towpath. This is a popular route for dog walkers, cyclists and even horse riding and well known in the area as it has been used since the land was designated as woodland in 2000. It is labelled now as an 'unmarked path' on most mapping as determined by the council but as yet not identified as a Public Right of Way due to the adoption issues with the roads on the estate.

Public Bench

After the estate was finished there were two Public Benches placed by the developers of the estate, Wrekin Homes. One was removed due to falling into a state of disrepair which was formerly opposite where Perrott Gardens joins Culverhouse Drive. The other, on the right hand side of Perrott Gardens as you go up from Culverhouse Drive, still exists and is very popular and frequently used by people of all ages.


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